Sky Mine

LAGI 2014 Copenhagen invited designers from around the world to submit their ideas on what infrastructure art of sustainable cities looks like. The call was to envision public art that generates utility-scale clean energy for the City of Copenhagen.

The Sky mine is a population of 71 wind turbines with a grass and wild flower park underneath.

The actual turbines are enclosed in bright red coloured, funnel shaped ducts. The ducts are made out of aluminium and composite materials.

The turbine support structure is built out of steel beams. The structure height varies between 16 and 80 meters. The estimated annual energy generation is 413.000 kilowatts.

Rhino + Grasshopper were used to generate different site population options. Variations were made in the type of grid (regular, random and circular), grid density, the attractor geometry (site boundary curves, diagonal curves or site centre) and site boundary (water or land).
Grasshopper was used to calculate energy generation estimates for the different iterations.

Cutting patterns were generated in Rhino for the wind funnel and the tower to build a scale model of a turbine tower.

A great number of iterations for the structural beam design of the towers were modelled and calculated with the help of the plug-ins Millipede and Galapagos.